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Yellow Travertine

Yellow Travertine is sometimes referred to as Giallo Travertine or Gold Travertine. There are various locations where stone marketed as yellow travertine can be extracted. Most yellow travertines are quarried from Albox close to Almeria in Spain1, East Azerbajain in Iran and Belen, New Mexico.

There are two yellow travertine quarries in Almeria, Spain and they occur in a couple of layers. Each of these layers are between 3 and 4 metres thick, interbedded with conglomerates. This material has been extremely popular in Spain and Portugal for generations, but only recently has it become subject to increasing demand on the international market.

Internationally this yellow travertine is sometimes marketed as ‘Travertino Amarilo’. The characteristics of this stone can vary from different blocks. The travertine can be a deep yellow colour which in some cases borders in gold. Or it can be a lighter colour with streaks of yellow, grey and white.

As with all travertines the degree of banding visible in a slab of yellow travertine from Albox is dependent on whether it is vein cut or cross cut. Vein cut travertine will show more banding. Again, like all travertines there will be small holes from gas bubbles and plant material which has since decayed. And this will be filled with epoxy resin2 before polishing takes place.

Below you can see a vein-cut slab of this Yellow Travertine from Albox in Spain. 

Another place in which yellow travertine is quarried is East Azerbaijan, Iran. This travertine comes from the town of Azarshahr which is 20 miles south of Tabriz3. The reason for the yellow colour of this travertine is due to the stone’s oxide content.

You can see from the image of the slab below. The Persian yellow travertine contains less brown colouring than its Spanish counterpart. At Prestige Edition, all our travertine coffee tables and dining tables are constructed with Yellow Travertine from Iran.

Yellow travertine is a great material to use in many applications, this includes travertine floor tiles, cladding and furniture. If you are looking for natural gold effect from a natural stone yellow travertine or Sienna marble are your best options. Also, if you are looking for a gold marble dining table and can’t find something to fit your plans yellow travertine could be a great alternative.

No matter where you use yellow travertine, you will bring beauty, warmth and luxury to the location in which it is applied.

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