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Giallo Siena Marble

Giallo Siena marble is the famous egg-yolk marble of Italy. This beautiful stone has been used extensively throughout Italy since the 16th century and can also be seen further afield. Such instances include 24 columns of Giallo Siena marble in the court chamber of the United States Supreme Court1 in Washington, D.C and the rich marble decoration of the Birmingham Oratory2 in England.

Amongst all the natural stones it is perhaps only beaten by the sporadically quarried Giallo Antico of Tunisia when it comes to the rich translucent golden yellow colouring. And the best cuts of Giallo Siena can most definitely hold parity with any cut of Giallo Antico marble.

The best blocks of Giallo Siena marble have been extracted from Montarrenti3 in the Montagnola Senese Mountains, near the town of Sovicille. Monochrome yellow stone has always been the most highly prized of the Siena marbles and can be dark or pale yellow.

Also from these quarries Covent Siena and the rare Breccia Dorata can be extracted. Covent Siena is a golden yellow with sporadic violet tints covered in a deep violet matrix. Breccia Dorata is much rarer to find and is a yellow marble with a chocolate brown matrix.

All of the Siena marble can be used in a variety of settings including gold marble tiles, columns, luxury marble coffee tables and other items of furniture. For example for a luxury item such as a gold marble dining table, Giallo Siena is one of the very best materials to choose.

For centuries, the golden colours present in this stone have been associated with luxury and wealth. These characteristics combined with the unique patterning of Giallo Siena marble will give all who make use of this stone in their projects an exclusive expression of warmth and prestige.

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