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Calacatta Gold Marble (Calacatta Oro)

Calacatta Gold marble is also commonly referred to as Calacatta Oro (the Italian word for gold) marble. This marble is a rare marble from the Apuan Alps in the Carrara region of Italy.

This exotic marble is sometimes referred to as Carrara marble due to its origin. But in the stone industry the term Carrara marble is normally used to describe Carrara C or Carrara CD. These two stones are the most common marbles to be excavated from the world-famous Carrara quarries1.

Calacatta Gold shares some similar properties to Carrara marble such as a white background with grey veining. However, there are some key differences. When compared to Carrara marble Calacatta Gold has a purer white background and broader veining. These broad veins running through Calacatta Gold marble are a mixture of grey, brown and gold. The gold like tint of these veins is where the name Calacatta Gold derives from.

Due to Calacatta Gold being one of the rarer marbles to be quarried from the Carrara region it is subject to a higher price tag. This marble is used extensively in interior decoration including marble tiles and in furniture. Examples of Calacatta Gold being used in furniture include Italian marble dining tables and white marble coffee tables.

Absolute beauty and luxury radiates in any room which makes use of Calacatta Gold marble. This can be seen in the Calacatta Gold Italian marble tiles used in the bathroom shown below.

Like Statuario marble and other marbles of the Calacatta marble family, Calacatta Oro is often used to create a book matched effect. This is where two pieces of marble are placed next to each other in a mirror images giving the impression of an opened book. The open book effect is the reason for this technique being referred to as book matching2.

Below you can see the effect of book matching Calacatta Gold marble. The reason for this marble being suitable for book matching is its strong pronounced veining spread sparsely across the marble.

With or without book matching Calacatta Gold is one of the world’s premier marbles. No matter where you choose to use this luxury Italian marble you can be sure it will retain its beauty and value for decades to come.

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