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Botticino Marble

Botticino marble is the term used to describe the array of marbles quarried from around the town of Botticino in the Italian province of Brescia, Lombardy1.

The most famous marble from this region is Botticino Classico. This is a smooth fine grained cream marble with fine hazelnut brown veining throughout. This marble also contains some rare white veins not found in other variants of Botticino marble (Botticino Classico is shown below used as marble tiles for flooring).

This beautiful cream marble has been used for centuries dating all the way back to the beginnings of the Roman Empire. It can be seen throughout Brescia and was used extensively on the ‘Victor Emmanuel II Monument’2.

In modern times this beautiful cream marble is used extensively in furniture such as cream marble dining table construction, tiling and bespoke fabrication.

It is important to establish when you purchase Botticino marble that you are getting genuine Botticino marble rather than an imitation at a premium price. The way in which you do this is to ensure the marble is quarried from the Lombardy region in Italy.

Botticino Classico is not the only variety of Botticino Marble others quarried include:

Botticino Semi-Classico. This is a medium grained marble with some hazelnut veining. The main difference between this marble and Botticino Classico is less intense veining, the absence of the rare white veining and a background which is a few shades darker.

Botticino Fiorito: This is a fine-grained marble with unique flourishes of white across a cream background (an image of a Botticino Fiorito slab can be seen below).

All of the Botticino marbles are fantastic choice for an array of design schemes. Their cream backgrounds blend perfectly with a range of colours and materials. This allows Botticino marble to be used as either a centre piece or as a supporting piece to the overall theme of the area it is situated in.

No matter whether you choose Botticino marble for a cream marble coffee tablecream marble tiles or vanity units the room in which it is present will benefit from a warm feel which simultaneously whispers luxury.

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