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Volga Blue Granite

Volga Blue granite is a labradorite with a black background and shimmering dark blue flecks spread across the surface. This granite is excavated in Kamenniy Brod, Ukraine1.

This labradorite2 has been quarried from this site since 1967 and has now become the world’s largest source of Volga Blue granite.

The reason for the trademark shimmering dark blue of this granite is due to the way in which the granite cooled. As the cooling process took place individual crystals of plagioclase3 started to separate out into microscopically thin layers which are alternately rich in calcium and sodium. Light reflecting on these layers makes the shimmering effect.

From a distance, it is not always easy to see the shimmering blue which this granite is famous for. In fact, from a distance a Volga Blue granite slab looks like a black granite with dark grey patches (as you can see in the slab below). But on closer inspection the abundance of shimmering blue flecks which this granite is renowned for are extremely visible (you can see the blue flecks of Volga Blue above, but to comprehend the true beauty of this stone it must be seen in person).

Volga Blue Extra is the best selection of Volga Blue granite and is classified as such because of the block having a uniform dark background with an abundance of blue crystals.

You can see Volga Blue used in several applications such as kitchen worktops, bathroom vanity units and high-end furniture such as luxury dining tables.

If you are looking for a luxury black granite which offers something unique Volga Blue may just be perfect for you. This granite is ideal to use as a feature piece and will serenade any room with its beautiful blue shimmering crystals.

In the image below you can see this granite used as a feature piece in a luxurious bedroom. This stone is also a great material to use for a black granite dining table where the sparkling blue crystals create a magical feel every time you dine under the lights.

Volga Blue is truly a unique granite which brings both prestige and a blue sparkling effect which can only be described as magical. By choosing this granite you will have a natural stone which will enchant you for a lifetime.