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Star Galaxy Granite (Black Galaxy)

Star Galaxy Granite is a deep black granite with a beautiful gold/bronze fleck which sparkles like stars in the night’s sky (hence the name). This granite is sometimes referred to as Black Galaxy. Geologically Star Galaxy is not actually classified as a Granite it is a gabbro1 (but we will refer to it as a granite from this point onwards).

The quarries for this popular granite are situated in a village called Chimmakurthi in the Ongole District, Andrha Pradesh, Southern India. In this village, there are approximately 44 quarries spread over 400 plus acres. These quarries are of various sizes starting as small as 2 acres and going all the way up to 20 acres.

The problem these quarries face is the amount of high quality granite which can be extracted. This leads to an increase in quarrying costs which makes the granite more expensive for the end user.  Most of the deposits of star galaxy granite are extracted from below ground level.

The gold/bronze fleck embedded in the deep black background is the most defining characteristic of the granite. This fleck is due to the presence of ferrous rich Enstatine(Bronzite)2.

There are three different types of Star Galaxy which can be quarried, the way this is decided is on the grain of the gold/bronze flecks.

1. Large Grained Fleck

2. Medium Grained Fleck

3. Fine Grained Fleck

None of these types of Black Galaxy are better than the other and it comes down to personal preference when choosing the grain of the fleck for your project.

Star Galaxy is a premium granite which is in high demand due to its deep black colour with beautiful gold/bronze flecks. It can be used as flooring, kitchen worktops, in black granite dining tables and coffee tables.

This versatile stone blends in with a range of designs and colour schemes. The gold/bronze flecks of Black Galaxy Granite look beautiful under both natural and artificial light enabling you to enjoy its majestic sparkling around the clock.

If you are looking for a black granite with a sparkle for your project you are not going to find a better product than Star Galaxy.