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Rosa Aurora Marble (Estremoz Marble)

Estremoz is the name given for the marble which is quarried in Estremoz, Portugal (hence the name). Estremoz1 is located approximately in the middle of the country close to the Spanish border. The Estremoz Anticline is one of the great marble extraction sites in the world. An anticline is a geological structure created by tectonic motion exerting pressure on the rock, resulting in a type of arch-like shaped fold2.

This region is only second to the Carrara mountains when it comes to marble production. Estremoz also enjoys a long illustrious history dating back to the Roman Empire3. Estremoz accounts for approximately 85% of the marble produced by Portugal.

Rosa Aurora is perhaps the most famous marble which comes from the Estremoz region.

The Estremoz region produces several different marbles including:

Rosa Aurora Pink. This is a medium grained marble with grey veining set upon a rose to white yellow background. This stone can be rose pink all the way through to a whitish yellow with a tint of pink. The veining on this marble can be large or fine depending on the specific batch of marble.

Rosa Aurora Classic. The most prevalent marble excavated from the Estremoz region. It is a medium grained marble which has a whitish yellow background with veining which can be white, rose pink or brown. And occasionally grey. The veining can be large or fine in this marble.

Estremoz Cream. This marble has a whitish cream background and a medium grain. The veins in this marble can vary from rose to brown in colour. And very occasionally some small grey veins may be present on the surface.

Branco Estremoz. A fine grained marble with a white background with hints of pink rose. The veining of this marble is grey.

Each Estremoz marble can be used in several different applications. This includes flooring, staircases, marble coffee tables and marble dining tables.

Estremoz has been in high demand for centuries due to its beauty and practicality. It is second only to Carrara when it comes to marble production for good reason.

If you are wanting a whiter effect from your choice of marble, Branco Estremoz is probably your best material. Whereas if you are looking for a rose-pink type colour Rosa Aurora pink marble will be more in line with what you are looking for. And of course, if you are looking for something in between Estremoz Cream and the classic Rosa Aurora marble will be able to provide you with a solution.

No matter what Estremoz marble you choose you can be guaranteed to have a stunning marble whose beauty has remained over many centuries. And will do so for many more to come.