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Persian Red Travertine

Persian Red Travertine as the name suggests is a red travertine which comes from Iran. In the far north west of Iran there is an abundance of thermal springs. Between the city of Tabriz and Lake Urmia1 these springs have deposited a large quantity of travertine. For hundreds of years this travertine has been extracted. In the past, a lot of the travertine quarried in Iran was a milky-white colour but today the travertines extracted are mainly rich in colour.

These travertines are coloured red, brown or yellow because of their iron oxide content. Persian red travertine is sometimes referred to as Azarshahr travertine. The name Azarshahr2 comes from the town where the red travertine is quarried. This town is approximately 20 miles south of Tabriz.

When red travertine is cut along it’s grain (this cutting technique is known as vein-cut) it displays the typical patterning of travertine which is the typical banding and porous structure.

However, when this travertine is cut parallel to its bedding (this cutting technique is known as cross-cut) its patterning becomes extremely subtle.

Below you can see the distinctive patterning of vein-cut Persian red travertine.

This stunning red travertine can be seen in a range of applications notably as stunning wall cladding in commercial settings. An example of this can be seen in the Persian Red Travertine centre piece  at Energy Centre III in Houston, Texas3.

This beautiful travertine can also be seen deployed in luxury residential properties for staircases, travertine dining tables, wet rooms, travertine tiles, vanity units and travertine coffee tables.

By choosing Persian Red travertine for your project you will be rewarded with a warm beautiful stone which can be applied as a centre piece or used as a room's core material. No matter how this luxurious red travertine is used the result will be a bold luxurious impression for all who set eyes upon it.

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