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Nero Marquina Marble

Nero Marquina is a black marble with white veining. It is a recrystallised reef stone and contains relics of fossils and white calcite1 veins. The degree of veining in a piece of Nero Marquina will be dependent upon the block which has been quarried. This can vary from light flecks to strong white veining throughout.

This beautiful stone is quarried in the town of Marquina2 in the Basque region of Spain. At one point this stone was relatively unknown outside of Spain, but nowadays it is amongst the most demanded black marbles in the world.

Nero Marquina comes in different grades which are made when the blocks are excavated from the quarry. The grades are as follows:

First Selection. Nero Marquina has a deep black uniform black with some clear white calcite veining across the surface. This selection is the most coveted type of Nero Marquina marble and therefore  the most expensive.

Standard Selection. This selection has a deep black background which is slightly less uniform than the first selection. The veining is more abundant and more erratic than ‘First Selection’, Nero Marquina marble.

Commercial Selection. This selection is not as deep a black as the other selections and has more variance in the shade of black across the slab. There is an abundance of white calcite veining across the surface of this slab and it is not uncommon for this veining to take up over 50% of the slab.

This deep black marble is used extensively around the world in both residential and commercial settings. It can be seen in a range of applications including fireplaces, tiles and luxury furniture items such as black marble dining tables. Below you can see this beautiful stone used for a rectangular solid marble coffee table.

Nero Marquina can be combined beautifully with several materials. This includes the solid woods and other marbles. One especially attractive way of doing this is by using the black marble tiles of Nero Marquina and the white of Carrara marble in unison.

This combination of marbles is a tired and tested way of bringing luxury to any room. This can be seen in the use of the Nero Marquina tiles with Carrara in the bathroom shown below. Nero Marquina is a premium deep black marble with beautiful white calcite veins and will bring luxury to any area it is applied.

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