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Blue Pearl Granite

Blue Pearl Granite is officially known as Larvikite and is quarried in Larvik, Vestfold, Norway. This granite takes an excellent polish and is packed with feldspar crystals which shimmer under light.

This beautiful granite is used extensively in commercial settings. This includes cladding several corporate headquarters and in the fountain at the JFK Space Centre in Florida1.

In residential properties, you can see blue pearl granite dining tables, coffee tables, kitchen worktops and cladding (shown in the image below).

Blue Pearl Granite is used to describe any Larvikite2 of a blue colour. But the shade of blue can range from a deep royal blue to a silvery grey. For this reason, it is important to be sure of the actual shade of your blue pearl before you buy. Also, the type of blue pearl you purchase will affect the price. The deeper blue the stone is and the clearer the pearl effect the more expensive the granite will be.

The types of Blue Pearl you can find are as follows:

Blue Pearl GT. This is a slightly darker and deeper blue than the traditional blue pearl. The quality of these two stones is identical and both have a clear pearl effect.

Blue Pearl Royal. This is the traditional blue pearl which is most commonly seen. This has a deep blue colour with a clear pearl like effect.

Silver Pearl. Although more silver than blue, this stone is often marketed as ‘Blue Pearl’ or ‘Blue Pearl Silver’. This stone is cheaper than blue pearl. When put alongside Blue Pearl Royal and Blue Pearl GT this stone stands out as it is significantly lighter and closer to silver in colour.

Blue Pearl goes extremely well with several different materials. This includes nearly anything in white or cream and the natural woods such as oak and walnut. It is no surprise oak legs are often combined with Blue Pearl granite dining tables when you see the stunning effect these two material create in unison. This beautiful effect is the same reason you often see countertops in this granite to complement solid oak or walnut kitchen units.

Another great benefit of choosing Blue Pearl is the fact it is a highly durable material and will withstand heavy use for decades.

These benefits combined with the immense beauty accentuated by its natural shimmering sparkle make this magnificent Norwegian granite a fantastic choice for any project.

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