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Bardiglio Marble

Bardiglio marble is the traditional Italian name given to the grey marbles excavated from the same quarries as the famous white marble in the Carrara mountains.

Like the white marbles extracted from the Apuan Alps, the Bardiglio marbles are fine-grained true marbles with a sugary texture. The Bardiglio marbles are normally coloured a blueish grey often with lighter or darker bands lines and streaks.

The grey colour of these marbles come from a large graphite1 content. The silvery grey of Bardiglio Nuvolato is often seen in combination with brighter materials including the more traditional white marbles from the Carrara region.

There are various types of Bardiglio marble quarried in the Carrara mountains including:

Bardiglio Imperiale. This stone is a blue-grey colour with veining that randomly appears across the surface. The colour of these veins can be either dark grey or white. When looked at in full this stone has a smoky like effect and can blend in with a range of different colour schemes. This marble is shown in slab form below.

Bardiglio Nuvolato. As mentioned above this is a silvery grey marble, with dark grey and white cloudy spots creating a smear like effect across the surface of the stone. Further down the page there is an image of Bardiglio Nuvolato tiles so you can see how this stone looks like when used as marble flooring.

Bardiglio Fiorito. The Bardiglio marble with a pale grey background and pale grey veins running through the surface. This marble is ideal for project which require light grey marble tiles.

Bardiglio Cappella. This Italian marble is a deep grey with paler grey blue parallel lines running across the slab. The name of this marble comes from the name of the place it is quarried Cappella in Seravezza2. In English, this translates to ‘Grey Marble of Cappella’. 

The various Bardiglio marbles can be seen used in several applications including luxury furniture, fireplaces, grey marble tiles and cladding. Bardiglio marble is a rather versatile stone as it can be used to accentuate brighter stones such as Carrara Marble, Calacatta Gold and Arabescato. And as a neutral colour which will blend in with a multitude of different colour schemes.

In modern times this stone has been used to great effect in both industrial and minimalist themed properties. The Bardiglio marbles share all the same amazing properties as it’s more famous white counterparts so you can be assured of getting a fine-grained true marble which will maintain its beauty for decades to come.

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