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Baltic Brown Granite

Baltic Brown Granite is a textured brown granite. The striking feature of this brown granite is its large round pinkish-brown feldspar crystals each one with a greyish-green border. The original feldspars are orthoclase and the rims are plagioclase feldspar, which is known as Rapakivi texture1.

Baltic Brown is quarried in various locations across Finland. It is excavated from the enormous Vyborg massif2 which was emplaced 1615 to 1645 million years ago in Precambrian times.

The variance in Baltic Brown granite is extremely minimal for blocks excavated from the same quarry, the size and shading of the feldspar crystals can differ significantly when you compare blocks from different quarries.

Below you can see the typical patterning of a Baltic Brown slab.

Baltic Brown has been extensively used across the globe including in the cladding of shopping malls and offices. It can also frequently be seen deployed as kitchen worktops or in the construction of luxury furniture. Perhaps the most famous use of Baltic Brown is in the construction of the monolith columns in the St. Isaac's Cathedral in St, Petersburg, Russia3 (this can be seen two images below). 

The beautiful brown granite displays extremely desirable characteristics for both outdoor and high intensity applications. It is stain, water and mildew resistant. This material is also capable of enduring intense heat such as those generated from naked flames.

If you are looking for a beautiful brown granite with extreme durability you cannot get better than Baltic Brown.

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