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Backlit Onyx

Onyx is arguably the world’s most unique decorative stone. The characteristic it is most famous for is it is a translucent stone which allow light to pass through it. For this reason, it is very common to see backlit onyx whenever this stone is deployed. The way light passes through this stone is enchanting and creates a unique atmosphere wherever this effect is used.

Once you have seen the effect of light passing through onyx, you will understand why many interior designers1 believe you are not utilising onyx to its maximum potential unless you are making use of light passing through it.

Backlit onyx is not the only way in which you can do this. Chandeliers and spotlights can also be used to take advantage of the magical way onyx marble interacts with light.

The use of light with onyx can create unforgettable experiences.

Such as enjoying a meal on an onyx dining table underneath beautiful chandelier lighting or walking into a luxury cocktail club with a stunning backlit onyx bar.

A Backlit Onyx Bar is a Great Way to Take Advantage of this Translucent Stone

In luxury private residences, hotels, casinos and cocktails clubs you can often see the beauty of backlit onyx on full display at the bar. Whether it is used to clad the wall, the countertop or the bar itself it is an impressive site. The onyx radiates luxury while bringing a majestic atmosphere to the setting. You can often see in high-end restaurants combine beautiful onyx dining tables with the cladding or countertop of the bar.

If you are looking to create an area where you can escape reality and relax in luxury, a backlit onyx bar is one of the very best ways you can do this. Once installed all that is needed to transform the room is to flick on the lights and let the light draw the effect from the beautiful onyx.

Below you can see a bar possesses a backlit honey onyx countertop with backlit onyx framing the mosaic feature wall2 behind the bar.

What Are the Different Types of Materials I Can Use To Get The Backlit Onyx Effect?

You can use any onyx you like to get the backlit onyx effect. All types of onyx marble will have parts of the slab which are translucent which allows the light to pass through. Onyx is available in a range of different colours. Including white, red, green, orange and black. You can learn more about different types of onyx by clicking on the links below:

Learn more about White Onyx.

Learn More about Green Onyx.

Learn More about Honey Onyx.

Learn More about Orange Onyx.

Making Use of a Backlit Onyx Fireplace

A unique use of backlit onyx is to integrate it with a fireplace. The dual effect of the fire and backlit onyx creates an utterly mesmerising feel to the room in which it is situated. This makes it an ideal way to create a feature piece.

Not only will a backlit onyx fireplace exude phenomenal luxury and beauty. It will also provide an amazing opportunity to sit back, relax and forget the world.

A Backlit Onyx Shower Is the Ultimate Centrepiece for a Luxury Bathroom

When it comes to luxury bathrooms3 it is often hard to find a centre piece material which can take centre stage. Often the bathroom has been tiled in a beautiful marble such as Portoro, shown in the image below. When such a beautiful material is used, it is very difficult to find a material which can be used as a feature. The way to do it is with a striking material in a contrasting colour.

In the image below you can see the back lit onyx shower in white onyx. The white onyx contrasts perfectly with the black Portoro marble yet compliments the gold veining of the marble because of the gold oxide markings lightly flowing through the onyx. The back lighting effectively highlights the feature wall creating a stunning focal point which successfully elevates the beauty of the luxury bathroom.

The possibilities with onyx are endless. With the unique characteristics and expensive price of this translucent stone we recommend you stick to the following two principles when using this stone.

Firstly, to maximise the beauty of this stone it is imperative to invest in good lighting. It doesn’t matter whether it is achieved through spotlights, chandeliers or backlighting. Just make sure you invest in good quality lighting to bring the most out of your onyx.

Secondly with onyx it is best to make it a feature piece or material. If you use onyx tiles across a large area or for multiple onyx dining tables in a restaurant, make the room all about the onyx. And if you use onyx in the construction of a stand-alone piece, make that item the centre piece.

By following these principles, you will ensure you will get the best possible return from your investment in onyx.

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