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Absolute Black Granite (Nero Assoluto)

Absolute Black Granite and Nero Assoluto are often used interchangeably and most commonly to describe the black granite quarried in Zimbabwe, Africa or the black granite quarried close to the town of Warangal, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. The term Absolute Black or Nero Assoluto are not used to describe granite quarried in a particular place, but rather to describe a granite of a uniform black colour.

These two granites are as pure a black you can find. From a distance, they look perfectly black but upon close inspection extremely small dark grey mineral deposits are visible. In rooms with normal light conditions or worse this is barely noticeable.

Nero Assoluto Granite Zimbabwe is a black dolerite1. It is an extremely dense durable material. The areas around Mount Darwin, Mutoko and Murehwa to the North East of Harare are where most of the quarrying for this granite takes place. The granite from this quarry is graded according to how dark it is and the size of its graining.

The darker the granite and smaller the graining the higher it will be graded. At times, due to the politics and economy of Zimbabwe the supply of this granite can be extremely limited. A fine grained Absolute Black granite slab quarried in Zimbabwe can be seen below.

The Indian version of Absolute Black Granite (also referred to as Nero Assoluto, Jet Black and Indian Black) quarried close Warangal2, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, India is also a black dolerite.

The best grades of this granite are extremely similar to those from Zimbabwe. The slabs have a consistent black background with extremely small dark grey mineral deposits which are visible upon close inspection.

It is important to be aware if you are sold this granite at what appears to be a premium price there is a high probability a dye has been applied to the surface to make it appear darker than it is. It is extremely likely below the dye the slab will be a dark grey or grey colour. This dark grey or grey colour is lower grade granite from this area. The problem with this dyed granite is when the dye begins to fade, your black granite starts to show grey patches3. The solution to this is to always verify the origin and grading of your granite before purchasing.

A common question is which type of Absolute Black is superior. The answer is neither. With Absolute Black the quality is not dependent upon the nation it originates from it is based upon the uniformity of the slabs background, the deepness of the black and how fine the graining is.

For anyone wanting a perfect black stone Absolute Black granite is the way to go. Whether it is for kitchen worktops, a black granite dining table or stone tiles. Absolute Black granite delivers extreme durability and imposing beauty wherever it is used.

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